Guidance Notes: Job Application Form

Alpha EA Recruitment

GUIDANCE NOTES: Job Application Form

The Application Form

  • The application form plays an important part in the selection process; decisions to shortlist candidates for interview are based solely upon the information you supply on your form and the form provides a basis for the interview itself.
  • Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) alone will not be accepted. However, CVs will be accepted in addition to a fully completed application form.
  • You may complete the form on a word-processor but please use the appropriate headings and format.

Section 1: Personal Details

  • Please give your surname and initials. You are not, however, required to provide your preferred title and/or your forenames. If you have a title or other name you would like to be called (should you be called for an interview), you may at your discretion enter those details.

Section 2: Education and Professional Qualifications

  • List membership of professional institutes, in-house courses and professional qualifications if applicable. Essential qualifications will be checked on appointment to a post.

Section 3: Present Post

  • Please provide brief information in respect of responsibilities including reporting and management duties. This section should not be left blank unless the position you are applying for is your first job.
  • Should you be selected for the role “your reason for leaving or wishing to leave” may be verified if we take references per Section 7 below.

Section 4: Previous Employment

  • Do not simply list the duties of your jobs. Please give a brief explanation of the main duties of your previous jobs.
  • Whilst you are not required to provide dates in relation to previous jobs it is important you confirm whether or not you have had material gaps in your employment. If you have, it would be helpful if you could provide relevant details.

Section 5: Relevant Skills, Abilities, Knowledge and Experience

  • This section is vital.
  • Think about what evidence you can provide to demonstrate you have the necessary skills, ability, knowledge and experience required.
  • You may have acquired these in a variety of ways e.g. through work, running a home, voluntary work, hobbies etc.
  • Address each of the criteria separately and briefly outline how you meet each one, providing specific examples.

Section 6: Other information

  • A simple list will suffice unless positions held and the skills/experience attained are directly relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Section 7: References

  • Should you be selected for the role we will want to take up referees as outlined below. However if possible we would like to do this earlier in the process.
  • Employment references – please provide referee/s details to cover recent relevant employment.
  • Academic references – if you are a school leaver or graduate entrant and do not have any previous employment history, please supply the details of a school/college tutor.
  • Personal references – if you have no previous employment please give details of someone who can provide a character reference.
  • We reserve the right to take up references from any previous employer.

Section 8: Declaration

  • This section must be signed by the applicant. It is a declaration of the validity of the information in the application, and confirms that misleading information would be sufficient grounds for terminating of employment.
  • Please return your Application Form to: Manager on duty on the day