Zero Hours Policy

Alpha EA Recruitment

Zero Hours Policy



1. Introduction

Alpha EA Recruitment employs some staff on zero hours contracts where there is a need for flexibility in the workforce e.g. where there is an unpredictable need for workers.


2. Definition

 A zero hours contract is one where the Company has recruited a worker but does not guarantee that worker a certain number of hours.  The worker is not obliged to accept any work that is offered.


3. Principles


  • A register will be kept of the pool of workers who are working under zero hours contracts.  When work is available, the company will contact the appropriate person from this pool of workers in order to offer them a work assignment.
  • The Company is not obliged to offer an equal number of hours to all workers in the pool of available workers on zero hour contracts.
  • Workers will be given as much notice as possible of any work assignments.  Given the nature of the work, workers are unlikely to have much notice of work assignments, but will usually be given at least 24 hours’ notice.
  • A worker is expected to be available for any work that is offered.  If the worker regularly refuses work, he/she will not be offered any work in the future,. A worker will not be penalized if he/she refuses any work that is offered.
  • The worker must complete a time sheet confirming the hours of work that he or she has undertaken.  This time sheet must be signed by the worker’s <<insert job title e.g. line manager>> and then submitted to <<state job title e.g. the HR Manager>>.
  • A worker is not entitled to company sick pay.
  • During or after employment, workers on zero hour contracts must not use or divulge confidential information about the Company to any person outside the Company.
  • A worker who underperforms will not be offered any further work.
  • The Company’s disciplinary and grievance policy applies to workers on zero hour contracts. Details can be obtained from Elina K Founder & CEO.